Tesla Model 3 crushes US Top 10 EV list as only car with increasing sales

The Tesla Model 3. (Credit: Tesla)

The list of the Top 10 electric and hybrid vehicles in the United States in Q4 2019 was packed with some of the most notable names in sustainable transportation. However, only one of the vehicles on the list reported a positive year-over-year change in sales: The Tesla Model 3.

The Model 3 sales figures from 2018 to 2019 in the US grew 14%, according to statistics from Kevin Rooke. Rooke is also a Model 3 owner who has conducted several tests involving the vehicle’s Smart Summon feature. He also produces videos breaking down Tesla’s success across the board as a car manufacturer.

Six of the ten vehicles listed in the US Top 10 EVs list are fully electric. The other four being either hybrid or plug-in hybrid cars, according to

Interestingly enough, the list of vehicles is broken down by what cars sold the most units in the final three months of 2019. The Model 3 (47,275) sold nearly six times as many units as the Toyota Prius Prime (7,925), a hybrid vehicle recognized on the chart as the second most popular car on the list. The Prius Prime sold 14% fewer units in 2019 compared to 2018.

All three of Tesla’s staple vehicles were included on the list, as the Model X and Model S were third and fourth, respectively. It should also be recognized that the Model 3, Model X, and Model S led the industry in the number of units sold in Q3 2018 according to the list, with 54,300, 8,050, and 7,575 units respectively.

Electric cars have skyrocketed in popularity amidst an increased awareness of the global climate crisis that has been talked about for so many years. As human beings begin to recognize that if a change is not embraced sooner than later, the Earth could become uninhabitable. Therefore, electric cars that provide zero emissions are starting to become a staple in American driveways.

Tesla’s popularity in the electric vehicle market comes from the company’s battery and software technology that can only be described as world-class. Tesla vehicles never stop improving due to software improvements released by the company that can be downloaded through over-the-air updates.

The company has also been able to establish itself as a leader in battery technology. This is in part to Tesla’s continued and almost obsessive research and development on its battery tech, as well as the acquisition of companies like Maxwell Technologies and Hibar Systems, both of which have developed technologies that can help the company’s batteries.

Tesla’s Q4 2019 delivery figures were impressive as the company reported 112,000 units delivered to customers. The Model 3 led the Model S and Model X by a landslide, accounting for 92,550 of the cars delivered by Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 crushes US Top 10 EV list as only car with increasing sales
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