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Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package proves itself in 200mph first drive

Credit: Top Gear

The Tesla Model S Plaid, fitted with the all-new Track Package, has taken to the raceway to prove itself in a 200mph first drive video.

As if the Tesla Model S Plaid wasn’t “ludicrous” enough, America’s favorite EV brand took it to the next level by introducing the “Track Package” earlier this week. Along with a set of track-ready tires, sizable carbon ceramic brakes, and forged aluminum wheels, it also comes with a series of software upgrades, most notably unlocking the super-sedan’s 200mph top speed. Now, to test this upcoming performance kit, Top Gear has taken the Model S Plaid with the Track Package on a first drive to put it through its paces.

The Top Gear segment was published on YouTube yesterday and has already garnered hundreds of thousands of views. In their testing, the well-known TV series lapped the Model S Plaid around the Circuit Paul Richard in France.

The upcoming Tesla Track Package, which has recently been added to the Tesla store website, will go on sale next month but sadly will be coming at quite a steep price tag, starting at $15,000. The kit can be equipped to either brand new Model S Plaid vehicles or retrofitted for Plaid’s model year 2021 and up. It should be noted that customers can also opt to buy parts of the complete kit, such as the Carbon Ceramic Brake kit or the “Zero-G” wheel and tire kit.

The new Track Package tackles some of the biggest concerns that track-day enthusiasts have been discussing since the Plaid sedan’s launch. Due to the EV’s relatively high weight, it has particular trouble around corners. Despite its incredible amount of power, it isn’t always able to put it to the ground due to this issue with handling.

Strangely, the upcoming performance kit includes no physical upgrades to the vehicle’s suspension, which could dramatically improve the Model S’s track potential. Luckily, third-party offerings are available for those creating a full-fat track car.

Looking to the future, with Tesla finally introducing a set of updates to its most popular models, including the Model 3 “Project Highland” and Model Y “Project Juniper,” an upgrade to the Model S might be just around the corner. And while the vehicle is already a potent performance vehicle, many are excited to see what the craziest engineers at Tesla can cook up for the next generation.

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Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package proves itself in 200mph first drive
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