Tesla ‘X-Mas Show’ will be Available as Model X Easter Egg

Elon Musk just dropped a hint on Twitter that the “Merry Model X-Mas Show” will be available as a Model X easter egg. Elon is no stranger when it comes to incorporating a little fun and mystery into Tesla’s vehicles.  The most notable being his ode to Space Balls by naming the current highest level of Model S performance to ‘Ludicrous’, and providing a Ludicrous Speed easter egg to go along with it.

To date, the only Model X easter egg uncovered is for Ludicrous Speed, and another related to the online Design studio where a buyer can unlock a higher 72A charger by typing in the word ‘charger’ during configuration of the vehicle. We can’t wait until someone uncovers how to perform their very own holiday Model X light show (as if the car itself isn’t already cool enough), or unlock other Model X easter eggs.

Tesla Model S Easter Eggs



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