Tesla Model X will get a Marilyn Monroe Easter Egg that sings Happy Birthday

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently teased what could only be the Model X’s most fun Easter Egg yet — a mode where the electric SUV would sing to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’ as sung by the late Marilyn Monroe.

Musk’s tweet came as a response to a request from Twitter user and Model X owner @FutureCars360, who proposed an idea for a Model X Easter Egg. According to the Model X owner, it would be pretty fun if the electric SUV can perform a birthday greeting complete with lights and sounds.

The idea was promptly acknowledged by the Tesla CEO, who responded that Tesla would introduce a feature that would allow the Model X to sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. Musk even took the idea further, stating that the electric SUV would play Marilyn Monroe’s cover of the tune.

“Will have Model X do a cover of Happy Birthday by Marilyn Monroe.”

Musk’s tweet was received with lighthearted support from Twitter users, many of whom found humor in the CEO’s suggestion. The idea of a Model X playing one of the raspiest, sultriest versions of the “Happy Birthday” tune, after all, almost feels like a joke. As the Tesla community knows by now, however, some of Elon Musk’s apparent jokes on Twitter end up becoming true. Take The Boring Company (Not a) Flamethrower, for example.

Marilyn Monroe’s cover of the popular song, unofficially titled ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President,’ was sung during an early celebration of former US President John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday back in 1962. The celebration was held at the Madison Square Garden as part of a fundraising gala for the Democratic Party on May 19, 1962, which was actually 10 days before JFK’s real birthday.

The actress, amidst rumors that she was having an alleged affair with the then-US president, made a late appearance to the gala, prompting actor Peter Lawford to jokingly introduce her as the “late Marilyn Monroe.” The actress eventually appeared onstage, wearing a skin-tight, flesh-colored, rhinestone-encrusted dress that caused an audible gasp from the gala attendees. Proceeding to sing “Happy Birthday” in a sultry, raspy manner, Monroe ended up inciting a candid response from JFK, who ironically described the actress’ song as “wholesome.”

Monroe did not just sing “Happy Birthday” to the former president, however, as she also sang a rendition of “Thanks for the Memory” with modified lyrics she specifically wrote for Kennedy. Based on Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s tweet, however, it remains to be seen if the Model X’s upcoming birthday celebration Easter Egg will include a few verses from “Thanks for the Memory” as well.

The Tesla Model X’s Celebration Mode was recently lauded by former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson in an episode of The Grand Tour Season 2. As we noted in a previous report, Clarkson was largely impressed with the all-electric SUV, from its acceleration to its refined ride. The Grand Tour host also took a particular liking to the Model X’s Celebration Mode, calling it an “absolutely necessary” feature. 

Here’s a video of Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday” cover.

Tesla Model X will get a Marilyn Monroe Easter Egg that sings Happy Birthday
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