Tesla Model Y taxi fleet coming to NYC yellow cab industry thanks to Gravity

(Credit: Gravity)

Tesla Model Y yellow cabs may be cruising through New York City (NYC) streets soon, thanks to Gravity’s efforts. The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) recently approved its pilot program to introduce more battery electric vehicles (BEVs) to the yellow taxi industry. Gravity means to participate in TLC’s BEV pilot program with a fleet of Tesla Model Y taxis.

After approving its BEV pilot program, TLC released a resolution, stating that the Tesla Model 3 is the only battery electric vehicle approved to operate as a yellow taxi. Gravity is working jointly with regulators, the state, state agencies/corporations, utility, real estate owners, and other interested parties to bring Tesla Model Y taxis to NYC.

“By reimagining the legacy of the iconic yellow taxi, Gravity is bringing a new value to travel that the City needs,” said Gravity Advisor and Regulatory Counsel Matt Daus. “We wholeheartedly applaud the TLC and the commissioner for their forward-looking BEV pilot and look forward to being a big part of it.”

In a press release, the company pointed out that all BEVs with an acceleration lower than 4.4 seconds are eligible to join the program. The qualification makes the long-range Tesla Model Y eligible. So Gravity can now proceed with its TLC licensing application to launch its Model Y taxi fleet and fully participate in the pilot program.

Gravity believes the Tesla Model Y would work well in the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission’s pilot program for BEVs. The company suggested that the Tesla Model Y was an ideal taxi cab because it can seat passengers comfortably, offers a large rear cabin, and has enough range to run multiple shifts in an urban city.

(Credit: Gravity)

“What Gravity is bringing to New York City is beyond electric vehicles; these will be the taxis of the future and the charging spaces of the future,” said Gravity CEO Moshe Cohen. “We’ve found a pragmatic approach to sustainable transportation that’s focused on health, safety, and the passenger experience. Gravity is proud to have spearheaded a business model that’s made for people and provides for the technology needs of the modern commuter and BEV owner. NY Yellow Taxis are an opportunity to make significant innovations in BEV fleets and public charging infrastructure, all while creating fair and incentive-compatible working conditions for drivers.”

Gravity started preparing for the BEV pilot program since it was in development. The sustainable mobility and electric vehicles infrastructure company started building a next-generation fast-charging infrastructure for BEVs before the pilot program’s approval. Gravity searched for different sites that would be viable charging locations, taking into account the site’s layout, the power limitations of the area, duration/time of day charging, and even the utility rates.

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Tesla Model Y taxi fleet coming to NYC yellow cab industry thanks to Gravity
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