Tesla Owners Love Road Trips; No Room for Range Anxiety

With Tesla cranking up its destination charging and supercharging strategy in Europe and the U.S, many Tesla owners are ready summer road trips. Robert Llewellyn recently completed a 1,300 mile road trip from Oslo, Norway to London in a P85 that demonstrated a clear lack of range anxiety as he made his way across a densely populated charging network in Northern Europe.

Tesla stated in its shareholder letter from Feb. 2015:

Almost 900 locations in Asia and North America currently have 1,600 Tesla connectors installed. We plan to expand the Destination Charging program into Europe in Q2 of this year.

Llewellyn touched on the P85’s 125 mph speed, while driving on the famed German autobahn, and noted that any kW/hr goal for the trip was essentially killed due to the large usage of energy.

 P85 hit 125 mph

The P85 hits 125 mph on the restricted autobahn when traveling through Germany and that effectively killed any kW/hr goal for the trip.

The message is clear throughout the video: drive this electric luxury car as you must and never worry about quick charging headaches.

Hopefully, the next Tesla road trip will come from China especially as it continues to rapidly expand its Supercharger and destination charging network. There’s currently 148 Tesla Superchargers in Asia Pacific and a healthy dose of destination charging options in China.

According to Llewellyn about this trip, “It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I loved it.”

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