Tesla Theater’s fan-made full-screen boost gives immersive, on-the-go movie experiences

Credit: YouTube/Tesla Theater

A Tesla enthusiast has created a new website called that gives Model 3, S, and X owners the capability to view numerous streaming media applications using the entirety of the vehicle’s 15″ display. Coupled with Tesla’s stellar sound system, this new Tesla Theater boost creates an immersive theater experience on wheels.

The service is the brainchild of r/TeslaMotors member u/TeslaModel11, who developed and created the website. The website is accessible through the Tesla web browser and is being improved nearly every day thanks to suggestions from fellow Tesla owners.

In the initial Reddit posting from u/TeslaModel11, he states:

I am the developer/creator of My goal is to provide a free service to fellow Tesla owners where we can easily view different streaming media apps in full screen vs. in just the small browser window. I’ve verified functionality on Model 3, S, and X so I feel it’s ready for wider beta testing and feedback.

How to Enable Full Screen mode?

You will see at the bottom of the site an “Enable FullScreen” link. That will enable a workaround that launches fullscreen with loading of a youtube screen that will loop you back into the interface by clicking “GO TO SITE” link. Just click that and you’ll be in the interface in full screen mode and all apps and sites you load will remain in full screen.


The Tesla enthusiast also created an ad spot for the website using the same template as the company’s V10 release promo, complete with a few added extras like Elon Musk’s now-famous dance routine at the Model 3 customer delivery event at Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai.

The Tesla Theater was added with the Version 10 Software Update in late September with just Netflix, YouTube, and Tesla Tutorials. However, the company is poised to expand its lineup of applications with other streaming services such as Twitch, and will add Disney+ in the near future, according to Elon Musk.

For now, the website will serve as a bridge for owners to access Hulu, PlutoTV, TubiTV, HBO Go, Netflix, ESPN, Twitch, CBS All Access, FuboTV, YouTube, Disney+, Plex, ABetterRoutePlanner, Google Chrome, Reddit, and Google Maps. While some of these applications are available through the Tesla Theater, they are not available in full screen.

The ability to watch movies in full screen gives Tesla owners the opportunity to turn their vehicles into mobile movie theaters. Because is compatible with the Model 3, Model S, and Model X, each vehicle is capable of making a Supercharging trip, or perhaps a night out with Camp Mode, a little bit more enjoyable. Each vehicle’s comfortable seats, stellar surround sound system, and large dash screen will give viewers an experience that will rival any drive-thru theater trip.

You can watch’s ad spot below.

Tesla Theater’s fan-made full-screen boost gives immersive, on-the-go movie experiences
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