Spied: Tesla Model X Conducts Tow Test at Fremont Factory

A video has been posted to YouTube showing a Model X towing a utility cargo trailer. Previous videos show the car is fully capable of launching from rest with a trailer. The Model X has a towing capacity of 5,000 lbs.


Autoblog has posted a short video of a Tesla Model X seen towing an enclosed trailer at the Fremont factory test track.

The Model X is rated at 5,000 lbs of towing capacity when paired with a Class III trailer hitch and the optional $750 tow package. There is one caveat, however. The rated towing capacity drops to 3,500 pounds if the owner specifies the optional 22″ wheels. That information came to light only after a customer configured his Model X with the optional wheels and received this notification from the company:

Model X tow package

[Source: Tesla Motors Model X Design Studio]

Towing CapacityWith so few cars actually delivered to date, there are no reports from owners about what towing a trailer with the Model X is really like. We have seen a video of a Model X towing a trailer similar to the one seen here, uphill away from a traffic light with apparent ease. The available torque from its electric motors should make it ideal for light to medium duty towing. However, no real world braking information while towing a fully loaded trailer is available.

The Model X 90D is rated at 257 miles while the 70D is listed within the Model X configurator as having 220 miles of range. But no one knows at the moment what impact towing will have on available range.


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