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Volvo Trucks starts production of electric semis

Credit: Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks has announced that they have begun production of their all-electric semi-trucks.

According to a press release from the company, Volvo Trucks is beginning production of their all-electric heavy trucks that they will sell in Europe. The trucks are being produced at the company’s Tuve facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, and will soon be made at the brand’s Ghent, Belgium plant as well.

While Volvo Trucks has already been selling smaller electric offerings, these new heavy trucks represent two-thirds of Volvo Trucks’ best-selling vehicles. This includes the long hauler Volvo FH, the multipurpose Volvo FM, and the offroad capable Volvo FMX.

Each of these new trucks is based on the same all-electric platform. The powertrain uses three electric motors capable of 650 horsepower and 1770 pound-feet of torque, allowing the truck to tow a maximum of 23 tonnes. The trucks have a maximum range of 186 miles but are sadly charger bound for 2.5 hours using 250kw DC fast charging (0-80%).

These specifications fall significantly behind the brand’s own American electric offering, the Volvo VNR Electric. The Volvo VNR Electric is capable of 275 miles of range, can charge to 80% in only 90 min via DC fast charging, and produces 455 horsepower and 4,051 pound-feet of torque.

Credit: Volvo Trucks

Volvo is early in the all-electric heavy truck segment. Tesla has not yet been able to ship its semi offering, and even legacy brands such as Peterbilt and Mercedes have fallen behind. Only Nikola, of all brands, has been able to capitalize on the electric semi market.

The market for all-electric big rigs will likely only grow in the near future as people look to make their shipping processes more and more energy efficient and shipping companies look to reduce costs by going electric. But the question remains, which company will control the electric semi-truck market by the time countries more strictly regulate ICE vehicles? That answer remains unclear.

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Volvo Trucks starts production of electric semis
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