VW teases next generation ID.3 and needed upgrades

The new ID.3 comes in spring with a sharpened exterior design. - Credit: Volkswagen

VW has teased the next generation VW ID.3 and its production plans for the vehicle.

In a press release this morning, Volkswagen showed off drawings of the upcoming second generation of the VW ID.3, some key upgrades coming to the vehicle, and production plans. But with all of these details on the trendy EV hatchback, the German automaker didn’t clarify if it would be coming to the U.S.

The images released by VW this morning are pretty striking. The new ID.3, while quite similar to the previous generation, seems to have adopted more aggressive styling cues seen on the Cupra Born version of the platform. Perhaps most striking in the renders is the heads-up display, but the smoothed-over front section is also a welcome design change.

Other than the striking images, VW outlined a few upgrades coming to the ID.3. Foremost were improvements to software and interior tech; the ID.3 will finally be OTA update capable, have a larger 12-inch center screen, and improved software UI. On top of that, VW is promising improvements to tech performance and general software improvements. The press release did not address the performance capabilities of the new vehicle, leaving some to ponder if any technical enhancements will come with this new generation.

VW says that it will also be expanding production of the ID.3 from the Zwickau plant to the Wolfsberg plant and that pre-ordering is now available in Germany, with orders expected to be delivered starting in Q4 2023. The next generation ID.3 starts at 43,995 euros, including VAT ($46,135), and will be available in five trims; life, business, style, max, and tour. The full release of the vehicle is coming in the Spring of next year.

The new ID.3 is coming at a strange time for Volkswagen. While the company recently reached the milestone of half a million ID electric vehicles sold worldwide, they are also reconsidering building a new manufacturing facility that could aid in the company’s transition to electric vehicles. Simultaneously, the company is investing billions into its PowerCo battery manufacturing subsidiary, a company that they hope they can turn into a “global battery champion.”

When taken as a whole, many observers are unsure of the future of the VW Group. While VW certainly seems focused on EV introduction and production, it still has reservations and isn’t dedicating as much as many competitors. This is especially apparent in the United States, where VW has only introduced a single electric vehicle that hasn’t exactly become a raging success; the ID.4.

As VW progresses into its next generation of electric vehicles and begins introducing new hotly anticipated EV models, opinions on the company may change. However, VW has a lot of work to do to win over consumers who often see Volkswagen products as behind in technology and less affordable than competitors.

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VW teases next generation ID.3 and needed upgrades
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