Where to Install EZ Pass on the Tesla Model S

EZ Pass is an automated electronic toll-collection system which expedites passing of roads, bridges and tunnels. It’s used across 14 states with most of them being here in the north east. I drive toll roads each and every day and without the EZ Pass transponder I’d be stuck in long lines every time I tried to get on and off the highway.

The transponders mount on either the windshield or front license plate, but since I opted out of installing the Tesla Model S front license plate bracket, I’ll have to mount my EZ Pass using the former. However, this is easier said than done.

EZ Pass Placement

The Tesla Model S windshield contains a UV and infrared reflecting coating that blocks out heat, but is also known to cause interference with low power transponder signals such as that from the EZ Pass device.

Model S owners have  had success with placing the device in the following locations:

  • To the right of the dotted area adjoining the rear view mirror.
  • Another option that has worked for some is to place the EZ Pass in the tray below the center touchscreen.
  • I chose to install it above the mirror which worked out really well for me (picture below).
  • The best placement location would be to place it externally on either the license plate or behind the nose cone.

EZ Pass Mounted

Earlier versions of the Model S had windshields that were completely coated with the UV and infrared layer, however I’m told that newer production cars (like mine) have designated locations for EZ Pass tags to the right and left of the rear view mirror. That’s where I ended up mounting mine although I’m not overly happy that I and my passengers can see the tag, but at least it works 100% of the time and keeps the tickets away.

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