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Alfa Romeo plans to build an EV SUV to rival BMW iX, Mercedes EQS

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Alfa Romeo is planning to build out a lineup of electric vehicles in 2027, which will follow the 1,000-horsepower Giulia EV that it will release in 2025. The plans will start with an electric “large saloon” car in 2027 that will be suited for both North America and Europe. Another “built-up” model will come out in 2028, CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato told AutoExpress.

The “built-up” model in 2028 will be similar to the BMW iX, Mercedes EQS, and Audi Q8 e-tron, according to the report, and will sit on the STLA Large architecture from parent company Stellantis, who recently planned a retooling of its Italian factory to help produce EVs.

In January, Impararto detailed the 2027 “large saloon” vehicle that will be the first unveiled. He said it is important to look at the range and set a tone for future models. Maximum range can be achieved in smaller vehicles and not necessarily in SUVs.

The 2027 vehicle would be geared toward the North American market and would help the company increase its sales outside of Europe to levels around 40 percent by 2030. However, the SUV it wants to build will also appeal to that market, as it is one of the most popular body styles in the U.S.

Imparato has his sights set on a range of around 435 miles for this vehicle, but the SUV versions that come later would offer less than that, simply due to its weight and less aerodynamic prowess. But the SUV is set to utilize the same configurations as the initial saloon vehicle.

Stellantis also plans to bring in an 800-volt charging architecture, which will enable fast charging, keeping owners at plug-in stations for less time.


Alfa Romeo has already finalized the design of the saloon vehicle, according to Imparato. “Everything is locked in, design-wise, until 2027,” he said. However, the SUV design has not yet been signed off, at least not yet.


Production is not expected to begin until 2027 or even 2028, but the report suggests the vehicle will be priced at levels similar to that of its likely competitors, meaning it will be around the £100,000 mark ($120,283).

For comparison, the BMW iX starts at $85,095, the Mercedes-Benz EQS starts at $105,550, and the Audi Q8 e-tron comes is expected to cost between $75,000 and $87,000.

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Alfa Romeo plans to build an EV SUV to rival BMW iX, Mercedes EQS
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