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Blink Charging unveils range of new EV chargers at LA Auto Show

Credit: Blink Charging

Blink Charging has unveiled three new EV chargers for home, apartment/fleet, and fast-charging use cases.

As demand for electric vehicles has skyrocketed over the past few months, so has the need for EV chargers. The demand has been so great that even Tesla has begun to sell home chargers using the CCS charging connector, a connector that wouldn’t even fit their own vehicles. Blink Charging has also moved to meet demand with three new EV chargers for home, apartment/fleet, and DC fast charging.

The first charger, the Blink HQ 200, is a fairly standard “single-family home” EV charger, typically placed in a garage or outside a home. The HQ 200 is a level 2 charger, has standard wireless controls, and is designed chiefly for overnight charging. According to the company, Blink hopes its competitive price will entice buyers, starting at $749.99.

The Blink MQ 200 is the company’s new apartment/fleet charging option. While it has a similar design and functionality as the HQ 200, it is designed to be paired with multiple other chargers that can all be controlled via Blink’s fleet charging system.

Finally, the company introduced an all-new 30kW DC fast charger (DCFC). While the charger won’t be breaking any charging speed records any time soon, it is a small footprint design that will fit “multiple mounting options to fit any desired location.”

The charging infrastructure problem that is being seen particularly clearly in the U.S. will require exponentially more EV chargers to be installed in homes, apartments, and places of work to help people transport themselves, their friends and family, and their things. And with this vast need for charging, Blink is wise to expand their lineup to offer the most options to the broadest audience possible. Hopefully, if Blink and the companies like them continue to expand offerings and work to bring down prices, it will result in a better charging experience for EVs in the U.S.

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Blink Charging unveils range of new EV chargers at LA Auto Show
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