The New ‘Black Card’: COIN Digitally Combines Your Credit Cards Into One

Coin Digital All-In-One Card

Say goodbye to the ‘George Costanza wallet’ and hello to the new super card.

If you’re one of those people that suffers from an exploding wallet or simply wants to consolidate your cards into a sleeker looking ‘Black Card’, then Coin might just be the solution for you.

Founded by former PayPal engineer Kanishk Parashar, Coin is an all-in-one credit card device that allows users to securely sync their debit, credit, gift, and rewards cards (ie. Starbucks cards, Amazon) through a magnetic strip reader that easily attaches to any smartphone.

Card data is encrypted and securely synched from the smartphone to the Coin device via Bluetooth low energy. It’s slim and virtually the same size as a regular credit card making it easy to stow within any wallet.  Once a user gets ready to pay with their device, they simply depress a button, select the card that will be used and then swipe Coin as you would with any other card.

Coin sells for $100, but early adopters will have 50% OFF until December 14th and can preorder for just $50.


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