New Cybertruck wrap colors are now available at the Tesla Shop

(Credit: Tesla)

The Tesla Shop released new Cybertruk wrap colors. Previously, Tesla offered Satin Stealth Black and Satin Ceramic White Cybertruck wrap options. 

Three new Cybertruck wrap colors are available: Satin Rose Gold, Satin Abyss Blue, and Slip Grey. From the comments on Tesla’s announcement, the Cybertruck’s Satin Abyss Blue wrap seems to be the most popular. 

Tesla’s Cybertruck wraps or color paint film range in price from $6000 to $6,500. The Grey, Black, and White Cybertruck wraps cost $6,000, while the Satin Rose Gold and Satin Abyss Blue color pain film cost $6,500. 

Below are the features and benefits Tesla lists about the Cybertruck color paint film. 

  • Self-healing, Urethane-based film
  • 2X thicker than vinyl on average
  • Protects against scratches
  • More environmentally friendly than traditional vinyl wraps
  • Covers all exterior stainless-steel surfaces

The three new Cybertruck wrap colors are only available through Tesla. The popularity of the Cybertruck has resulted in other companies selling their own wraps to new owners of the Tesla pickup truck. A few Tesla Cybertruck owners have turned to DIY vinyl wrap kits to protect the all-electric pickup truck’s stainless steel exterior. 

After the Cybertruck’s unveiling, a few Tesla fans shared wrap design ideas for the electric pickup truck. Matte Black wraps were by far the most popular choice for Cybertruck reservation holders—back then and today. 

When the Cybertruck was close to the start of delivery, it appeared on the road in a camo wrap. Funnily enough, the Tesla Cybertruck community loved the camo wrap, and some supported the idea of keeping it.

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New Cybertruck wrap colors are now available at the Tesla Shop
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