Ford F-150 Lightning Range, efficiency revealed in Monroney sticker leak

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro. Pre-production model with available features shown. Available starting spring 2022. (Credit: Ford Motor Company)

Ford F-150 Lightning Range and efficiency ratings have been revealed for the Base and Extended Range through a Monroney Sticker leak.

Obtained and shared by members of the F150Gen14 forums, the F-150 Lightning’s Base and Extended Range models show EPA-estimated range ratings of 230 and 300 miles, respectively. While Ford has not yet started deliveries of the all-electric version of the United States’ best-selling pickup, the company opened the order bank for customers in January. Deliveries are expected to begin in the Spring.

According to the Monroney Stickers, the two vehicle trims offer the following range an efficiency ratings:

Ford F-150 Lightning – Base – Pro Series – MSRP $41,669

  • Range: 230 miles
  • 68 MPGe
  • 76 MPGe City
  • 61 MPGe Highway
  • 49 kWh per 100 miles driven

Credit: gorwell | F150gen14 forums

Ford F-150 Lightning – Extended Range – Platinum Series – MSRP $93,874

  • Range : 300 miles
  • 66 MPGe
  • 73 MPGe City
  • 60 MPGeg Highway
  • 51 kWh per 100 miles driven

Credit: gorwell | F150gen14 forums

The two stickers were examined by a Ford sales representative, who confirmed to Teslarati Monroney tags were legitimate.

Interestingly, Ford has not yet obtained a Certificate of Conformity for the vehicles, which would allow them to enter the stream of commerce. The multiple trims are also not yet available on However, it is apparent the EPA has assessed the efficiency of Ford’s first-ever all-electric pickup.

Compared to Rivian’s R1T, the F-150 Lightning’s base trim is about 2 percent less efficient in terms of kWh per 100 miles. The R1T uses 48 kWh per 100 miles, with the F-150 Lightning using 49 kWh. It only offers two miles fewer of combined MPGe, making it around 3 percent less efficient in this category. It is also less efficient by about 8 percent on the highway, offering 61 MPGe, while the R1T offers 68 MPGe. The F-150 Lightning is more efficient with City driving, however, being roughly 3 percent more efficient than Rivian’s pickup.

Ford recently doubled its production targets for the F-150 Lightning, aiming to manufacture at least 150,000 units annually. In early March, Ford announced it split its business into two “divisions.” Ford’s Model e unit will handle the company’s transition to electrification, while all combustion engine operations will fall under another division, known as “Ford Blue.”

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Ford F-150 Lightning Range, efficiency revealed in Monroney sticker leak
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