Teslaccessories debuts its own Tesla Model S in 1/24th scale

Following the huge success of the Limited Edition Tesla Model S Sculpture, titled “Driving the Future”, Teslaccessories releases a mini version that’s half the size, but with twice the fun.

The DTF-Mini is a 1/24th scale artistic interpretation of the Model S.  What we really like about this product, aside from having a name that resembles a famed acronym, is the fact that the entire assembly is sold in kit form – meaning you’ll get the satisfaction of  assembling the art work yourself!


DTF-Mini vs the full size version
Image source: Teslaccessories

The DTF-Mini makes for a fun project for any do-it-yourselfer (DIY’er). We imagine that every Model S owner and fan will take pride when it comes to displaying the artwork at their office or home display shelf.  After all, they assembled it!

Despite the smaller size relative to its big sister, the DTF-Mini does not skimp on quality.  Teslaccessories precision laser cut each piece of the kit, one by one, out of the same art-grade acrylic that was used in the Limited Edition Driving the Future Sculpture.

Tesla Model S Sculpture DTF-Mini

Image source: Teslaccessories

The kit comes with a complete set of assembly instructions, but for those less adventurous and would prefer to have it pre-assembled, Teslaccessories also offers a ready-made version at a slight premium.

The DTF-Mini Kit is being offered by EVannex at $149 and $269 for the assembled version.


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