Non-Tesla Supercharger program gets its first tests — it’s ease of use is fantastic

Image Credit: Tesla Raj/Twitter

Several videos featuring the non-Tesla Supercharger program have emerged, showing just how easy it is to charge electric cars at the company’s rapid charging network. Among the first videos that have been shared online featured a Rivian R1T and a Ford F-150 Lightning connecting and charging at a Tesla Supercharger. 

The non-Tesla Supercharger program has been launched in the United States, allowing electric vehicle owners to take advantage of the EV maker’s fast and reliable EV charging infrastructure. Even with its Magic Dock system, the process to connect Superchargers for non-Teslas is simple. 

As noted by the EV maker in a recently shared video on its official Tesla Charging Twitter account, users just have to select a Supercharger station and stall through the Tesla App. After this, users could undock the Superchargers’ Magic Dock and connect to their vehicles. 

This simplicity was showcased by a Rivian R1T owner who demonstrated how his all-electric pickup truck charged at a Tesla Supercharger. It only took a few seconds to connect the R1T to the Supercharger stall. The speed was decent too, with the Supercharger providing about 150 kW of power to the all-electric pickup truck. 

The same ease of use was observed by a Ford F-150 Lightning owner who used a Supercharger at Scott’s Valley in California. Similar to the experience of the R1T owner, the Ford F-150 Lightning user’s experience practically seamless. The Magic Dock system may not be as simple as connecting a Tesla to a Supercharger, but it is notably easier compared to other mainstream EV charging systems. 

The non-Tesla Supercharger program has the advantage to become a game-changer in the United States. The US’ existing EV charging infrastructure outside the Supercharger Network is not exactly extremely reliable, after all, and some are quite inconvenient to use. This was demonstrated by EV group The Kilowatts in a social media post, which outlined the differences between charging an EV with a Tesla Supercharger and Electrify America.

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Non-Tesla Supercharger program gets its first tests — it’s ease of use is fantastic
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