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Porsche announces silicon valley joint venture with UP.Labs

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Porsche has announced an all-new tech joint venture with its partner, UP.Labs.

Porsche is flush with cash, thanks to its incredible sales success this year and its IPO, which has quickly rocketed the historic brand to become the most valuable automaker in Europe. Now, Porsche is looking to spend some of that added capital and has founded a joint venture tech business named Pull Systems with its partner UP.Labs.

Pull Systems is described by Porsche as a “machine-learning-as-a-service” business. Essentially, the company is selling analytics software that can provide automakers with critical data and analysis, thanks to the use of AI. Specifically, Porsche states that its new Pull platform will give automakers insight into electronic components and batteries.

Porsche was not immediately available to comment to Teslarati on specific use cases of their new technology.

Tesla has perhaps best exemplified the incredible help that vehicle data and its subsequent analysis can provide, specifically within its autonomous driving offerings. Tesla constantly takes in data from each of its vehicles and uses it to improve the Full Self Driving system and its capabilities. The American automaker has even used this dataset to help improve the safety of its vehicles, as it can analyze hundreds of thousands of vehicle collisions and aim to enhance survivability and limit harm to occupants.

This is far from the only investment that Porsche is looking to make with its newfound capital. Porsche’s “startup ecosystem” has been established to help the legacy automaker increase innovation and employ the newest bleeding-edge technologies within its vehicles. Porsche has invested in numerous startups already and is part of a series of venture partnerships, including “Startup Autobahn,” which hopes to invest in startups in Germany’s transportation sector.

“With UP.Labs, we are expanding our digital ecosystem to include an external venture lab. In this way, we are strengthening Porsche’s digital expertise and entering into an exchange with international talents and their know-how,” says Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche.

As for Porsche’s partner, UP.Labs is another incredibly well-funded venture capital firm that works to invest in “the future of transportation and mobility.” Some companies it has already invested in include BETA, an electric aircraft startup; Range, an electric semi-trailer manufacturer; and Teleo, a remote-controlled construction equipment provider.

As automakers continue to look to differentiate their upcoming electric vehicles, investments in the newest technology may become more popular and necessary. Hopefully, these investments will result in higher quality, better performing, and safer vehicles in the not-too-distant future.

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Porsche announces silicon valley joint venture with UP.Labs
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