Porsche pegs two new Taycan variants to unveil at LA Auto Show

The Porsche Taycan 4S. (Credit: Porsche AG)

German automaker Porsche will unveil five new models at the Los Angeles Auto Show in late November, two of which will be new variants of the all-electric Taycan. The introduction of two additional Taycan trims will introduce new performance options for potential buyers. One of the models will be positioned between the Taycan 4S and the Taycan Turbo, with a new body style also being introduced among the expanding lineup of Porsche powerhouse EVs.

The Taycan, first unveiled in 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany, has been Porsche’s big move toward electrification. Combining Porsche’s traditionally-luxury name with the sporty and high-performance powertrains the company has offered for decades, the Taycan has been a well-received member of the EV community, accumulating impressive sales figures, positive reviews from owners, and even higher demand than what Porsche can supply, barring the global semiconductor shortage that has been plaguing automakers far and wide for the better portion of 2021.

The Porsche Taycan. (Photo: Sean Mitchell/Teslarati)

The Taycan is the cornerstone of Porsche’s EV project, and it is making it well-known through an expansion of available trims and configurations available to consumers. In a press release on its website on Friday, Porsche announced that it would be unveiling additional Taycan variants later this month at the annual LA Auto Show, bringing a new trim package that splits the 4S and the Turbo trims right down the middle. “The all-electric Taycan will be the focus of two world premieres: a new, incredibly dynamic variant positioned between the Taycan 4S and the Taycan Turbo, and a third body style will be revealed to the public for the first time in California,” Porsche said.

To put some perspective into play, the Taycan 4S starts at $103,800, packs 227 miles of EPA-estimated range, and has a 3.8s 0-60 MPH acceleration rate thanks to 522 horsepower and 390 kW thanks to Launch Control, which produces maximum acceleration from a standing start. Comparatively, the Turbo trim of the Tyacan starts at $150,900, offers 212 miles of EPA range, and has a 3-second 0-60 thanks to Launch Control and 670 Horsepower with 500 kW of power. Popping the additional performance will cost you for the Turbo trim, but it may be worth it.

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Precisely what the German automaker will bring out is unknown. However, Porsche seems to want to split it down the middle and create a new Taycan trim that could introduce a more tempered approach to performance with slightly higher range ratings. Still, plenty is being made of the new Taycan trim, and what Porsche will show later this month could be a more appropriate mix of power, performance, and functionality.

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Porsche pegs two new Taycan variants to unveil at LA Auto Show
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