Redwood Materials & Audi launch consumer battery recycling program

Redwood Materials and Rotary collaborate to collect used batteries

(Credit: Redwood Materials)

Redwood Materials partnered with the Rotary Club to collect used batteries during Earth Day 2024. The company invites more people to collaborate on similar events or learn more about what they can do to build a clean energy future.

Redwood Materials shared a video of its collaboration with the Bellevue Rotary Club in Washington. The pair collected old batteries from used devices like laptops, tablets, and phones. Redwood Materials plans to recycle the raw materials from the devices and batteries the Bellevue Rotary Club collected from their communities.

Last year, Bellevue Rotary Club organized a similar event with Redwood materials, asking people to bring their cell phones, laptops, and tablets. The organization accepted lithium-ion and nickel metal hydride batteries. 

According to Redwood Material’s website, the main problem it is trying to solve is: “Consumer devices contribute to the world’s fastest growing waste stream. Americans spend trillions of dollars on electronics and discard hundreds of millions of devices each year. Very few of these products are recycled responsibly.” 

Redwood Materials has been making significant strides this year, transitioning from recycling to ramping up production. Last month, the company had ramped up its hydrometallurgical operations and started producing battery anode copper foil

Earlier this year, Redwood Materials announced plans to localize battery production in North America, specifically in the United States. It aimed to build a cathode plant in the United States with over 1 million EVs/year of capacity at its Nevada Campus.

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Redwood Materials and Rotary collaborate to collect used batteries
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