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Tesla’s ‘aging’ designs and how it will combat the newcomers on the EV block

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It is no secret that when Tesla finds something that works, the company keeps working with it.

However, even the most loyal customers might end up finding designs and features that Tesla offers somewhat stale after six years of offering essentially the same look as the Model 3, and even newer designs like the Model Y receiving relatively no updates that would set it apart from its predecessor model years.

A report from Fortune states that Tesla’s “aging” designs will push customers in another direction as companies like Volkswagen and Polestar continue to release new and exciting vehicle designs that are fresh, fierce, and fantastic vehicle designs.

However, Tesla has a strategy that could completely derail these narratives, and they have been in development for some time. While the points brought up in the article undoubtedly bring valid points, it is not to say that there has not been some effort by Tesla to bring a fresh face to its two best-selling cars.

Tesla is revamping its mass-market vehicles with the Model 3 Project Highland and Model Y Project Juniper just in time to tackle the fresh EV offerings that competitors are developing to dethrone the electric automaker from its role as King of the Hill in the sector.

Last week, images of what appear to be the first leaks of the Model 3 Highland Project hit the internet and had the Tesla community talking. The new design is striking, and while it still holds the Model 3’s traditional feel, it definitely brings forth a fresh and fun look that the vehicle has not felt in some time.

Alleged Tesla Model 3 Project Highland photo leaks online

In addition to the Model 3’s Highland look, the Model Y “Project Juniper” is also receiving some redesigns. These details are much less available currently, but the Model 3 and Model Y have always shared relatively the same platform, and Tesla has even said in the past the two cars share a lot of the same parts.

This leads up to believe that Tesla could bring a similar exterior redesign for the Model Y, and with the excitement felt by the community after the leaked Model 3 pictures that were released last week, the Model Y could bring even more of a response from the company’s diehard fans.

The Model 3 made Tesla a household name, but the Model Y kept it there. Now that the Model Y has surpassed the Model 3 in popularity for the most part, a redesign of the all-electric crossover could spell trouble for Tesla’s competitors, as if they did not have enough of a problem already.

Tesla already has a substantial lead in EV tech, and its charging infrastructure is unmatched. With over 45,000 global stalls, reliability, and exclusivity at many of its locations, Tesla offers something that other companies simply can’t.

When it comes to fresh vehicle designs, yes, competitors may be able to offer something that Tesla specifically can’t, at least not yet.

However, with the introduction of fresh Model 3 and potentially Model Y designs, too, Tesla will once again take the upper hand in its quest to remain the dominant name in the EV sector.

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Tesla’s ‘aging’ designs and how it will combat the newcomers on the EV block
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