tesla cybertruck rear wheel steering

Tesla Cybertruck’s rear-wheel steering seen once again

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Amongst the Tesla Cybertruck’s many potential features and Easter Eggs, one of the most highly anticipated is the inclusion of rear-wheel steering. While the spec is unconfirmed, the latest pre-production beta that Tesla showed on Wednesday at its Investor Day event equipped it, which helps the massive pickup maneuver tight turns and spaces.

It is the first time the Cybertruck has been spotted with the feature for some time, as a few sightings have been referenced over the past two years. In late 2021, a video of a Cybertruck with the feature was first uncovered, with another sighting in early 2022.

The Wednesday views of the Cybertruck were perhaps the best look at the vehicle we’ve had thus far, as plenty of photos from the company’s Investor Event earlier this week were shared. Tesla seems to have landed on a final design for an updated Yoke steering wheel, as well as improvements to the vehicle’s interior, like folding rear seats for additional space.


Tesla Cybertruck pre-production beta shows new interior features

However, the rear-wheel steering feature was and is one of the few things we have seen that the Cybertruck can do in motion. It’s an advantageous function due to its tight turn radius, which allows the massive truck to maneuver with higher agility than one would initially think.

Interestingly, rear-wheel steering, while utilizing all four tires to help with maneuverability, differs from all-wheel steering.

The use of all four wheels supporting maneuvering and directional changes is sometimes called “in-phase steering.” Not only have automakers like Lexus, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Audi all used in-phase steering to help improve stability and handling in high-speed applications.

Meanwhile, rear-wheel steering helps the rear tires work in tandem with the front tires, improving turning and maneuverability at slower speeds.

While Tesla backed off the Cybertruck’s initial dimensions due to its massive size, there’s no denying it’s still a pretty sizeable vehicle. There are rumors that, due to its size, it may never be suitable for the European market, where streets are small, and parking spaces are right. Of course, this is speculation, but it seems it could be just a tad too big to be useful in some countries.

Nevertheless, in the United States, where the Cybertruck will be produced, specifically in Austin, Texas, the truck is just another one on the road in terms of dimensions. Americans drive massive pickups, and the only difference between the Cybertruck and others is the overall shape, which is completely unconventional and was part of Tesla’s plan to break the mold of pickup design.

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Tesla Cybertruck’s rear-wheel steering seen once again
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