VW unveils next-gen ID.3, brings massive customer-focused improvements

Credit: VW

Volkswagen (VW) has unveiled its next-generation ID.3, bringing crucial updates to its popular European model.

With the dominant position of the VW Golf, particularly in Germany, there is no wonder why the top German automaker decided it would be one of the first vehicles it electrified as part of its electrification strategy. The VW ID.3 came to the European market and quickly became a favorite for those looking for the next-generation Golf. Now, VW has updated the vehicle once more, bringing desperately needed functionality to the hatchback.

Volkswagen emphasized the new ID.3 responded to consumer demand, and a lot of changes were put in place to fix critical issues. Most notably, the VW ID.3 will finally be OTA Update capable, though there is now a high expectation for the company to follow through on introducing improvements via the new functionality.

On top of OTA updates, Volkswagen is finally introducing EV route planning. For the longest time, if you drove (or still drive) a VW EV, you have been forced to use third-party services to find chargers as you drive to any given destination. Now, Volkswagen is finally introducing its solution.

The other improvements came in the form of design and material choice. The exterior is much of the same, with only minor facelifts and adjustments, with perhaps the most striking visual change coming in the new wheel option seen on the vehicle, and the new color, Dark Olivine Green.

As for the interior, customer feedback focused on material choice, and hence, so are the changes. Volkswagen dramatically improved the quality of the interior, even including Alcantara on the front seats, switching to more recycled interior plastics, and improving NVH via better dampening materials.

Other interior improvements come in the form of tech upgrades, including a larger 12-inch center screen, a new heads-up display, and an improved UI experience overall.

VW didn’t outline any changes to the powertrain or pricing. Still, currently, the ID.3 starts at 46,750 euros ($49,491) and comes with three battery options, 45kWh/55kWh/75kWh, and is powered by a single motor on the rear axle, producing 205 horsepower and 229 pound-feet of torque.

Now that competition has become particularly fierce in the EV market in Europe, it remains unclear if these upgrades will be enough to attract consumers, especially at Volkswagen’s current price point. However, as VW heads toward 10 EV models by 2026, the ID.3 will be a critical part of its lineup, and these upgrades will certainly be a big help.

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VW unveils next-gen ID.3, brings massive customer-focused improvements
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