Tesla Cybertruck spotted in California with tonneau cover, tailgate opening

Credit: Bill at Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (via omg_Tesla/Rivian on X)

Several Tesla Cybertrucks have been spotted over the past few months, but new footage from a sighting in California over the weekend offers unique close-up looks at the electric pickup’s bed, tailgate and tonneau cover.

Bill from Tesla Owners Silicon Valley spotted a Cybertruck release candidate in Monterey on Sunday, as seen in a photo and video later shared by X user omg_Tesla/Rivian. In the video, you can see the Cybertruck’s tonneau cover being retracted, and you can also see the truck’s vault bed with the tailgate down.

The footage also shows the removable panel housing a sub-bed storage space, though it isn’t seen being removed in the shots. Interestingly, you can also hear the sound of the tonneau cover closing in the video as Bill asks if the driver can put the tailgate down.

Watch the full 50-second clip of the Cybertruck bed below.

Like many of the Cybertrucks that have recently been seen, the vehicle includes a Texas manufacturer license plate and the “RC” and “RC Build Engineering Prototype” decals seen on many of those spotted in recent months.

The news comes after Tesla announced plans to hold a Cybertruck delivery event at Gigafactory Texas on November 30, as detailed in the automaker’s recent Q3 earnings call. It also comes after Cybertruck release candidates have been seen on public roads many times in the last couple of months, stoking excitement for initial deliveries of the highly anticipated electric pickup.

The Cybertruck has been seen with a number of interesting add-ons, including body wraps and a set of cargo racks that run across the truck bed. After it was confirmed that the Cybertruck would feature 800-volt charging architecture, the vehicle was also spotted charging at one of Tesla’s high-speed V4 Superchargers last week.

Despite the many sightings, Tesla still has yet to share official prices for the Cybertruck, nor has the company released any of the vehicle’s specs.

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Tesla Cybertruck spotted in California with tonneau cover, tailgate opening
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