Tesla drivers are the most satisfied EV owners in Norway

The Tesla Model S, X, and Model 3. (Photo: MotorTrend)

Tesla owners are some of the most enthusiastic automotive enthusiasts in a sector full of brand loyalty, and it doesn’t just apply to owners within the United States. A new survey shows that Tesla drivers are the most satisfied electric vehicle owners in Norway, the country with the highest plug-in electric vehicle ownership per capita in the world.

Norway is a battleground for electric vehicle enthusiasts and non-supporters alike. Commonly, the country is noted as an argument for electric vehicle supporters and Tesla bears, who use the country as either a source of support or criticism when it comes to debating what companies are most dominant in the EV-heavy market of Norway. However, a new study from Norway’s Electric Car Association is boding well for Tesla owners, as it concluded that drivers of the world’s leading EV manufacturer are most satisfied with their vehicles, compared to that of other manufacturers.

The ECA’s “Electric Car List 2021” asked owners of electric cars how satisfied they are with the ownership of the vehicles. 15,000 people participated in the survey, with 94% of those willing to shed more light on the EV ownership experience expressing words of positivity and affirmation for their sustainable vehicles. Tesla’s Model 3, Model S, and Model X captured three of the top five spots in the survey, according to a report from

The Tesla Model S, X, and Model 3. (Photo: MotorTrend)

In a typical and very familiar fashion, the Model 3 was the vehicle most commonly attributed with satisfaction from owners. The survey showed that 85% of Model 3 owners were “very satisfied” with their ownership experience, giving the all-electric sedan a perfect five-out-of-five rating. Only 2% of Model 3 owners reported that they are “very dissatisfied.”

“The reason Tesla Model 3 owners are so happy is probably related to the fact that you get access to Tesla’s good charging network, at the same time as you get a good car with a long-range at a relatively low price,” Norwegian Electric Car Association Head of Communications, Unni Berge, said.

“It is nice to see that this survey confirms that Tesla owners are happy with their cars,” Tesla’s Content and Programs Associate in Norway and Iceland, Nora Wisløff Egenæs, said. “Even though the electric car selection is growing, we are seeing an increase in interest in Tesla, and we are working hard to ensure that all our customers have a good experience. Among other things, we are constantly working to expand our Supercharger network to ensure that the growing demand for long-distance charging and electric car holidays is met for all our customers.”

The Model 3 was followed by the Kia e-Niro in the survey. The vehicle tied the Model 3 with an average score of 4.78, but the Model 3 took the gold medal due to a higher satisfaction percentage. Only 84% of e-Niro owners said they were very satisfied.

“Top 10 Most Satisfied Electric Car Customers.” Ratings from Left to Right: Do Not Know | Very Dissatisfied | Dissatisfied | Neither | Satisfied | Very Satisfied  (Credit:

“It is very fun that our electric cars are doing so well in the survey and that e-Niro is at the very top,” Kia spokesperson Mette Simonsen Sauge said. “The reason why e-Niro is so stable at the top of the survey has enough to do with the fact that it covers the need in many areas; long real range also in winter – our electric cars are very energy efficient and still the cars that go furthest on the market in independent tests.”

The Model X was third in the survey, while the Model S took fifth. The BMW i3 took fourth place in the survey.

Electric cars are widely popular in Norway, and customers are delighted. Two years ago, 68% of owners said they were “very satisfied,” with 24% stating they were “satisfied.” Only 1.6% stated they were “very dissatisfied” with the ownership experience.

The Model 3 was the most popular EV in Norway in June and has been among the country’s most popular electric vehicles for several months. Norway’s concentration of EVs is larger than that of gas cars.

Tesla drivers are the most satisfied EV owners in Norway
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