Tesla Giga Berlin welcomes new graffiti art as battery cell building takes form

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Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin may still be waiting for its final approval, but this does not mean that work on the Grünheide site has stagnated. As could be seen in recently taken photos and videos of the expansive electric vehicle production facility, Tesla’s Germany team remains hard at work in the buildout of Giga Berlin and its dedicated cell facility. 

Immediately noticeable from recently-shared images of the site was that Giga Berlin’s facade now features more completed graffiti panels. Apart from the Dune-inspired graffiti art showcased in Tesla’s Q4 and FY 2021 Update Letter, pictures taken this week show that the factory’s new graffiti panels have been completed. The newly-completed panels were quite colorful, giving Giga Berlin a distinct look. 

The buildout of Giga Berlin’s battery cell facility is also progressing very well. Videos and images taken of the upcoming facility indicate that facade elements are already being laid at the structure. Deliveries of equipment for the battery production facility also appear to be starting, as hinted at in videos of workers moving large crates of materials inside the cell manufacturing site. 

While the delays surrounding Giga Berlin’s start of vehicle production are notable, expectations are high that the facility’s final permit will be released in the near future. It should also be noted that Tesla is partly responsible for the delay in the release of Giga Berlin’s final permit since the company updated its plans for the site over the course of the facility’s buildout. One of these updates was the addition of a battery cell production facility, which added even more red tape to the project. 

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That being said, Tesla seems to be making the most out of the extra time it has before Giga Berlin formally starts its operations. First production Made-in-Germany Model Ys are now being built in the facility, and some units are even being shipped away from the factory. Tesla has also shared a short video of a Model Y body being dipped in a cleaning bath on its official Instagram page, in what could very well be a hint that Giga Berlin is ready to start operations as soon as its final permits are released. 

Watch a drone flyover of the Giga Berlin site from earlier this week in the video below. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin welcomes new graffiti art as battery cell building takes form
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