Tesla discusses Giga Berlin fire incident at municipal council meeting

A Tesla representative openly discussed the recent fire incident on Giga Berlin grounds. 

Tesla employee Marlene Mehnert attended the municipal council meeting on Thursday, September 29. She assured those present at the meeting that Tesla strives for transparency, reported Moz

“It is important for us to be able to give an update on the fire issue,” she said.

The Tesla representative provided some information about Giga Berlin’s recent fire incident. All relevant authorities, including the police, are still investigating the fire. Mehnert noted that Tesla informed the proper authorities of the fire through the phone and later through writing. 

The incident started when a paper shredder and press roller caught fire near a small recycling facility in Giga Berlin’s storage yard. Tesla hired another company to conduct recycling activities. The State Office for the environment stated the recycling facility did not have an approved permit. Mehnert did not provide details about the recycling facility on Giga Berlin grounds.

“It’s about formal legal issues. There are no protection concerns about the space itself,” she clarified.

The district investigating the fire reported that water from the firefighters leaked onto the unpaved ground while trying to extinguish the flames. Mehnert confirmed the information in the district’s report. She also stated that 50 cm of soil would be removed from the areas affected by the firefighter’s water. 

Currently, Giga Berlin is cleaning up the areas where the fire spread. A tarp was placed over the patch of unpaved ground that firefighting water seeped through. Several samples were taken from Giga Berlin’s fire incident. Samples were taken from the bottom of the soil, fire debris, and from the firewater retention pod. The samples are being analyzed, and the results are expected by mid-October.

Giga Berlin critics have demanded Tesla stop production until the causes and circumstances of the fire are known. 

“Our worst fears have come true. We demand a production stop until the causes and circumstances have been clarified, and all safety-relevant measures in the water protection area have been implemented,” Steffen Schorcht of the citizen’s initiative (BI) noted. 

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Tesla discusses Giga Berlin fire incident at municipal council meeting
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