Tesla Model 3 proves amazingly reliable in long-term ownership survey

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It would not be an exaggeration to state that the Tesla Model 3 is the battery electric vehicle that effectively brought EVs to the mainstream market. It was a well-designed electric car with sports car-level performance and bleeding-edge technology that’s offered at a price that rivals that of combustion-powered cars. 

The Model 3 is still a fairly new car on the road, having only started its customer deliveries in July 2017. This means that today, the first large batches of Model 3 sedans are likely hitting their five-year mark. And as per a Bloomberg survey of over 5,000 Model 3 owners, it would appear that the all-electric sedan is actually very reliable. 

Bloomberg published an extensive study of Model 3 owners back in 2019. At the time, most of the EV owners who were part of the survey were optimistic about their vehicles. As per the publication, its follow-up study reveals that the vehicle is still well-loved, even after years of ownership. The Model 3’s ratings were particularly impressive for performance, ease of use, and design. 

When asked if the Model 3 has been more reliable than previous cars that they owned, the majority of the respondents noted that they strongly agreed or agreed with the statement. Interestingly enough, the Model 3’s reliability only grew over time, with owners in 2023 noting that once initial defects such as paint imperfections and misaligned panels were corrected, the vehicle’s major systems held up very well. 

“The only problem I had in 90,000 miles was a broken window button. It cost $51, and they came to my office to repair it,” one Model 3 owner noted. 

When asked to rate the reliability of the Model 3 across several aspects of the all-electric sedan, the EV owners also gave the entry-level Tesla high marks. The majority of the survey’s respondents noted that they were still satisfied with the Model 3’s brakes and chassis, battery and drive system, electronics, climate control, interior, and exterior. 

Ultimately, the results of the publication’s 2023 study support the idea that well-made electric vehicles would have excellent reliability and they would likely require significantly less upkeep than their combustion-powered peers. 

Check out Bloomberg‘s 2023 Tesla ownership study here

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Tesla Model 3 proves amazingly reliable in long-term ownership survey
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