Tesla boosts Model 3 to whopping 353-mile EPA range for less than $47,000

Red Tesla Model 3 at the vehicle unveiling event on March 31, 2016 from the company's Hawthorne, CA Design Center. (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla left a ton of surprises for interested buyers after the company updated its design studio and unleashed its Model 3 refresh. Tesla gave all Model 3 variants a range boost. The Long Range and Performance variants received a little extra love with improvements in 0-60 mph performance as well.

The Model 3 Standard Range Plus now has a range of 263 miles. Before the refresh, the Model 3 SR+’s EPA estimated range was 250 miles. Now the Long Range Model 3 has an EPA range of 353 miles. Prior to Tesla’s design studio update, the Model 3 LR’s range was 322 miles, which was already far above its competitors in the electric car market.

The Performance variant’s new EPA range is 315 miles, passing the 300- mile mark it shyly missed before the Model 3 refresh. This is incredibly impressive, especially for a car that is optimized for maximum performance.

The Long Range and Performance variant received a little extra TLC. Tesla also improved the performance of both top-tier Model 3 variants. The Performance can now do 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds, only .1 second faster than the previous version. While the Long Range is now capable of doing 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds, a significant leap from the 4.4 seconds in the older Model 3 LR.

The best tidbit about Tesla’s upgraded Model 3 might be the fact that the company did not change the price of the cars. The SR+ is still $37,990 and $28,690 after potential savings. The Model 3 LR’s purchase price is still below $50,000 at $46,990 or $37,690 after potential savings. And the Performance is still $54,990 or $45,690 after potential savings.

Offering a 353-mile Model 3 at less than $47,000 is a bold move for Tesla, especially considering the state of the all-electric sedan’s competition. For context, the Polestar 2, arguably one of the Model 3’s more legitimate competitors, starts at $61,200 before incentives, and only has an EPA-estimated range of 233 miles per charge.

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla’s refreshed Model 3 variants might make the vehicle even more enticing. Details about the Model 3 refresh have been coming out of the woodwork for the past couple of weeks. Images of the Model 3 refresh revealed that Tesla opted to change the EV sedan’s interior. The pictures showed a new center console with a more traditional design that featured a matte finish, silver accents, and faux leather stitching.

Other images revealed that the Model 3 refresh would include chrome delete wheels, too. There was some speculation that Tesla would upgrade the Model 3’s range and performance as well. The latest design studio update confirms that the images were indeed Tesla’s redesigned Model 3.

Tesla boosts Model 3 to whopping 353-mile EPA range for less than $47,000
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