Elon Musk shares first look at Tesla Model 3 white seats at factory

Elon Musk recently shared an image of Tesla’s Model 3 seats in volume, showcasing rows upon rows and floors upon floors filled with the compact electric car’s seats. Musk’s Twitter upload, which included a fun Rick & Morty reference due to the seats looking almost like an alien army, also features a rare look into the Model 3 Performance’s white seats at the factory.

Musk’s Twitter update came late Friday, as Musk prepared to spend the weekend traveling back and forth between the Fremont factory and Gigafactory 1. Musk jested on Twitter that he was playing Infinity Work, the Reality Game all weekend, before revealing that he would spend Saturday and Sunday working. Musk mentioned, however, that the recently-constructed GA4 line in the sprung structure at the Fremont factory’s grounds is doing great, but Tesla’s GA3 crew, tasked with the production of the Model 3, is “pulling off miracles against all odds.”

Particularly notable in Elon Musk’s recent Model 3 seats update is the confirmation that the company is starting to build more of the Model 3 Performance Dual Motor. Earlier this month, Musk posted an image of the first Model 3 Performance rolling off the company’s new assembly line. Considering that there are several rows of white seats featured in Musk’s recent tweet, it appears that the production of the top-tier variant of the compact electric car is ongoing. White seats, after all, are exclusive to the Model 3 Performance, at least for now.

The Model 3’s white seats have been a point of interest for many Tesla owners, considering that the option has proved popular for both the Model S and Model X, thanks to their clean, unique look, as well as their surprising capability to resist stains. In announcements earlier this year, however, Musk noted that white seats for the Model 3 would likely begin production in July, together with the start of the Performance and Dual Motor AWD’s production. Tesla appears to have hit two birds with one stone with GA4, however, as the company was able to start manufacturing both the Model 3 Performance and the white seats option ahead of their expected rollout date.

Apart from rows of Model 3 seats, Elon Musk also shared an image of the Fremont factory’s paint room for the compact electric car. With his trademark humor, Musk jested that the room looks very “sus” (short for suspicious) considering its red splattered windows. Musk also shared a brief video clip of the Model 3’s assembly line, featuring what the CEO called “vicious torque” from the machines building the compact electric cars.

Tesla manufactures its seats at a facility on 901 Page Ave., roughly three miles away from the Fremont factory at 45500 Fremont Blvd. During the company’s Q4 2017 earnings call last February, Musk mentioned that Tesla is looking to incorporate technology from The Boring Company to transport seats between Page Ave. and the main factory. During the earnings call, CTO JB Straubel noted that while Tesla is developing high-density and high-velocity lines for both factories, limitations emerge when it comes to transporting the seats from one facility to another. To solve this, Musk noted that Tesla is looking to build a tunnel that connects the two factories, which would allow the company to transport seats to Fremont without relying on conventional methods.

Elon Musk shares first look at Tesla Model 3 white seats at factory
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