Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Will Have Bio Weapon Defense Mode Button

Model X Bio Defense Mode
Model X Bio Weapon Defense Mode

Tesla Model X ‘Bio Weapon Defense Mode’ button

Elon Musk has just announced a Bio Weapon Defense Mode button in the all new Tesla Model X. The new feature is designed to provide hospital level air quality inside the Model X cabin. According to Elon, the filtration system is so great that Tesla could not detect and traces of bacteria or spores come through the system.

Jokingly, Elon goes on to say that Tesla tries to be a leader in apocalyptic defense scenarios.

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The Model X will boast a true HEPA filter that Tesla claims to have a cross section 10x larger than a normal car filter.

Elon Musk showcases enormity of Model X air filter

Elon Musk showcases enormity of Model X air filter


The net result of the Model X Bio Weapon Defense Mode is a filtration system capable of filtering out particles on a near microscopic scale.

Model X Filter Performance

Filtration performance compared to a standard vehicle.

  • Bacteria 2.0 micros – 300x Better
  • Allergens 1.0 microns – 500x Better
  • Soot/Smog .1 microns – 700x Better
  • Viruses .01 microns – 800X Better

Elon goes on to explain that the filtration system will also consist of three layers of activated carbon capable of absorbing hydrocarbons, sulfur and ammonia.

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