Tesla slapped on wrist by labor board after axing pay discussions among workers

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A labor board has ruled against Tesla after it told workers at an Orlando, Florida, repair shop not to discuss pay or other working conditions.

Tesla managers at the repair shop told employees and workers not to discuss pay after new employees were paid more, and they complained. A National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) administrative law judge said Tesla illegally silenced workers by telling them not to discuss pay with fellow employees.

The NLRB’s National Labor Relations Act gives employees the right to communicate with other employees about their pay.

“If you are an employee covered by the Act, you may discuss wages in face-to-face conversations and written messages,” the agency said. “When using electronic communications, like social media, keep in mind that your employer may have policies against using their equipment. However, policies that specifically prohibit the discussion of wages are unlawful.”

Tesla received a cease and desist from Judge Michael Rosas, according to Reuters.

It is just the latest in a saga of issues between Tesla and the NLRB, which has been somewhat overzealous in the past to the automaker. However, this policy is somewhat cut and dry.

Tesla has been on the unfair end of some rulings by the NLRB in the past.

Last year, Tesla broke labor laws in the eyes of the agency because it asked employees to wear a company uniform, which is required for safety and quality control reasons. However, the NLRB said that Tesla’s desire to encourage employees to wear clothing that it issues and not “pro-union shirts.”

Tesla’s dress code is used to keep employees safe and also prevent damage to vehicles. The company pushed back against the ruling.

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Tesla slapped on wrist by labor board after axing pay discussions among workers
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