Ludicrous Tesla P90D takes on Corvette Z06 at Drag Racing Event

Ludicrous Model S P90D with lightweight high performance Pulse wheels

Amidst the hundreds of Tesla drag racing videos we’ve all seen, comes another one from today’s StreetCarDrags event held in Palm Beach International Raceway where a Ludicrous-enabled Tesla P90D rips down the 1/4 mile against its rival, a 650hp Corvette Z06.

The P90D(L) handles the ‘Vette Z06 quite easily off the line as it slingshots from the Christmas tree using Tesla’s new purpose-built ‘Launch Mode’ feature. According to Tesla, its flagship Model S with the Ludicrous enhancement performs a 0-60 mph sprint in 2.8 seconds though MotorTrend, through its testing using a 1-foot roll out approach, was able to register 2.6 seconds to 60mph.

(Pictured above: Ludicrous Model S P90D with high performance ultra-lightweight Pulse wheels)


The gorgeous Multi-coat Red Model S pictured above was driven by no other than Brooks Weisblat of DragTimes who’s become an internet sensation by way of his YouTube videos often featuring high performance exotics drag racing against one another. Among the mix are the now infamous Tesla vs Hellcat videos.

Brooks was attempting to break into the unchartered 10 second 1/4 mile territory, but narrowly missed the mark after several 11.2 second passes. The balanced drag race between two incredible pieces of American made engineering – ‘Vette versus Tesla, gas versus electric – made for a polarizing but nonetheless exciting showdown.

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