Tesla’s logistical challenges just “a narrow speed bump:” Wedbush analyst

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Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives said that Tesla’s logistical challenges are “a narrow speed bump.” 

Over the weekend, Tesla released its delivery and production results. The company produced 365,923 units in Q3 2022 and delivered 343,830 vehicles.

The Elon Musk-led company missed Wall Street’s expectations by about 5%. The Street predicted that Tesla would deliver around 350,000 units in Q3. Long-time TSLA analysts who have been bullish on Tesla, like New Street’s Pierre Farragu and Dan Ives, forecasted that deliveries would be around 360,000 units. 

Why is 340K+ a record-breaking miss?

Telsa’s Q3 2022 delivery report is record-breaking. Tesla delivered 310,048 units in the first quarter and 254,695 vehicles in Q2 2022. However, not everyone would consider Q3 2022 as a winning quarter for Tesla. 

In an interview with Bloomberg, Dan Ives stated that Wall Street would view Tesla’s delivery report as a “cup half empty.” In other words, Tesla’s Q3 2022 delivery results are a miss in Wall Street’s eyes. 

The Wedbush analyst acknowledged that logistics played into Tesla’s delivery report in Q3, specifically in China. The EV automaker mentioned logistical challenges in its delivery and production report. 

“As our production volumes continue to grow, it is becoming increasingly challenging to secure vehicle transportation capacity and at a reasonable cost during these peak logistics weeks,” Tesla noted.

Ives explained that Tesla’s demand “continues to be robust.” However, Tesla’s demand also continues to “outstrip supply.” Elon Musk and other Tesla executives share the Wedbush analyst’s thoughts on the topic of demand. 

“I believe this is more of a speed bump in logistical issue in terms of delivering cars to customers at the end of the quarters rather than ultimately demand really starting to come off,” Ives said. 

Wedbush Securities estimated that around 15,000 to 20,000 Tesla vehicles are either in-transit or have not been delivered to customers. Ives highlighted that logistical issues have become a problem. He clarified that many automakers are facing the same logistical issues as Tesla. In addition, the supply chain continues to be a complex space to maneuver for automakers.

“It’s a problem because it’s also the expense. If you look in Europe as well as what we’ve seen in China, the expenses to get customers’ actual cars in their hands have been astronomical,” Ives said. 

“I think Tesla has started to balance that and basically be fine with ultimate deliveries that could push quarter to quarter. And that’s what happened this quarter.”

Wedbush Securities believes Tesla is still a “BUY.” Ives reiterated that the investment firm believes Tesla’s Q3 2022 delivery results are just “a narrow speed bump.” He added that Tesla’s current stock price is a buying opportunity for investors. As of this writing, TSLA’s share price is $265.25.

Disclaimer: I own TSLA stocks. 

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Tesla’s logistical challenges just “a narrow speed bump:” Wedbush analyst
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