Tesla Semi spotted at customer Anheuser-Busch’s facility in St. Louis, MO

[Featured Image Credit: Dan Mueller via Instagram]

The long-range Tesla Semi that was spotted doing delivery runs between the Fremont factory and Gigafactory 1 in Nevada has been sighted more than 2,000 miles away at the Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. Louis, MO on Tuesday. The massive electric long-hauler was also seen parked at the St. Charles, MO Supercharger, roughly 24 miles away from the beer giant’s facility, later in the day.

Reports of the Tesla Semi’s visit to the Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. Louis started emerging after pictures of the electric truck parked in the facility made their rounds in social media. Baron Rana, a member of the St. Louis Tesla Enthusiasts Facebook Group, shared images of the Tesla Semi parked beside the brewery’s brick walls. Dan Mueller, another Tesla enthusiast in the area, also managed to photograph the electric truck as he was attending a tour of the Anheuser-Busch facility.

The reasons behind the truck’s visit to the beer giant’s St. Louis brewery remains unknown, though it is possible that Tesla is looking into testing the Semi’s high-powered chargers that are being installed in some of its clients’ facilities. As we mentioned in a previous report, Tesla is currently working with some of its biggest Semi buyers such as PepsiCo, UPS, and Anheuser-Busch, to build on-site charging stations for the electric long-haulers.

The chargers, presumably Tesla’s high-powered Megachargers, are set to be installed at key locations frequently visited by fleet operators. This system would enable the Semi to travel from one facility to another without compromising its range. With this in mind, the Anheuser-Busch facility in St. Louis definitely seems to be a site where the beer giant could build a charging stations for the 40 Tesla Semis that the company ordered.

As it turned out, Tuesday was not just a day of Tesla Semi sightings at the Anheuser-Busch St. Louis brewery. A few hours after the St. Louis sighting, one member of the St. Louis Tesla Enthusiasts Facebook Group, Kyle Feller, was able to locate the truck parked at the St. Charles Supercharger, and he was able to get some highly-detailed close-ups of the electric long-hauler. Here are the pictures taken by Feller, who was fortunate enough to capture what could very well be the closest look at the Tesla Semi’s details to date.

As we mentioned in a previous report, the Tesla’s two Semi prototypes were recently sighted at a Supercharger in Rocklin, located near Sacramento, CA. The two electric trucks were extensively photographed and filmed then, with Model S owner Eli Burton of YouTube’s My Tesla Adventure channel tailing the two electric trucks as they headed into I-80 on a westward route towards the Bay Area. As could be seen in the footage that Burton captured, the Semis boast some insane acceleration and torque, allowing the massive vehicles to accelerate nimbly despite pulling trailers behind. 

Tesla Semi spotted at customer Anheuser-Busch’s facility in St. Louis, MO
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