Tesla launches Universal Wall Connector with “Magic Dock”-style adapter

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has launched its Universal Wall Connector, which features both a North American Charging Standard (NACS) plug and an Integrated J1772 adapter to conveniently charge any electric vehicle. The charger includes the capability to view charging history and energy consumption via the Tesla app, a feature that will likely be appreciated by non-Tesla owners. 

The new charger was announced by the electric vehicle maker through social media. As could be seen in videos of the product, as well as its page on the Tesla Shop, the Universal Wall Connector’s key feature is its integrated J1772 adapter, which is designed to charge non-Teslas. 

The system is very similar to the Magic Dock, which Tesla has rolled out to its Supercharger stations so that they can charge non-Tesla electric cars. A look at the Universal Wall Connector’s page on the Tesla Shop indicates that the charger features a number of novel functions. 

Apart from its integrated J1772 adapter and default NACS plug, the Universal Wall Connector is capable of adding 44 miles of range per hour at 11.5 kW/48 amp output. The unit also features Wi-Fi connectivity, which means that it can receive over-the-air software updates. 

More importantly, the Universal Wall Connector also gives access to the Tesla App, which allows users to monitor and manage their charging schedule and usage. This is something that is not standard among non-Tesla chargers, and it is something that EV owners might find useful for their day-to-day use. 

Priced at $595, the Universal Wall Connector is more expensive than Tesla’s current Wall Connector, which is priced at $475. But for its features and convenience, the product might very well be worth it. Interested buyers can place orders for the product here, though shipments are set to commence in October.

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Tesla launches Universal Wall Connector with “Magic Dock”-style adapter
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