The Boring Company Vegas Loop plans revealed for the Westgate portion

Last week, The Boring Company (TBC) submitted plans revealing the Vegas Loop’s route to Westgate. It contained diagrams showing a TBC tunnel leading to Westgate. 

Redditor p12a12 shared the plans TBC submitted for the Westgate portion of the Vegas Loop, which will connect to the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop’s Riviera Station.

The LVCC Loop connects the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central and South Halls with its new West Hall expansion. The Wes Hall has two stations: LVCC West Station and LVCC Riviera Station. 

The LVCC West Station transports passengers to the Convention Center’s other South and Central Halls. The LVCC Riviera Station connects to The Boring Company’s more expansive Vegas Loop. Currently, the Riviera Station connects directly to TBC’s Resorts World Station. 

“The connection to the Westgate (the tunnel on the right of the image) looks like it will be entirely under the surface. The tunnel connecting this station to LVCC West (the tunnel on the bottom of the image) will pop up to the surface to join the existing station,” commented Redditor p12a12

“There also looks to be a bypass tunnel that will allow cars from LVCC West to stay underground and skip this station as they continue to Resorts World,” the Redditor said.

The Las Vegas Convention And Visitors Authority’s CEO and President Steve Hill stated that obtaining permits for the Vegas Loop has become a “repetitive process.” The building department that oversees the Vega Loop project’s route has had plenty of time to learn the course of the system, TBC’s construction methods, and how the Loop will work. 

Based on the plans TBC recently submitted, Elon Musk’s tunneling company is working hard to bore its way through the resort corridor and meet expectations. Hill estimates that The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop might be operational underneath the resort corridor in 2023. Hill did not clarify precisely when TBC’s Vegas loop would be active next year. 

“We’ll build phases that are separate to start and then tie them in and subsequent phases,” Hill told the Review Journal

“The (Allegiant) stadium to the Tropicana area will be one phase. The Caesars Loop will be one phase, and the Resorts World and Westgate connecting to the convention center will be one phase. Then there will be phases that follow that connect those connections together,” he elaborated.

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The Boring Company Vegas Loop plans revealed for the Westgate portion
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