Reverse Camera Guidelines on Tesla Firmware 6.1

One of the most talked about omissions from the Model S is the back up camera parking aid also known as reverse camera guidelines. The latest over the air Tesla Firmware 6.1 update introduces this much sought after feature designed to help drivers reverse with more confidence.

Combined with the Model S parking sensors, the reverse camera guidelines will assist drivers by giving them a perspective on how the car will be positioned when backing up. Two white lines are overlaid directly on top of the rear camera screen when the Model S is shifted into reverse. Turning the steering wheel will curve the guidelines into the direction of travel.

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The action video of adaptive cruise control on Firmware 6.1 is pretty cool, but unfortunately this back up aid pales in comparison to it. Heck, we’ll still take it though. There’s nothing like a car that keeps on getting better with ownership.

Stay tuned for more in-depth reviews of Tesla Firmware 6.1.

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