Volkswagen accelerates electrification plans after selling 500,000 EVs

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Volkswagen announced today that it has officially sold 500,000 ID electric vehicles worldwide, and the company plans to accelerate its electrification plans following their success.

With the departure of their previous CEO, Herbert Diess, many were pessimistic about the company’s electrified future. Nonetheless, Volkswagen has continued its electrification plans, now selling four different ID-branded electric vehicles. And with their worldwide success, now officially selling half a million, the company plans to accelerate its electrification plans.

Volkswagen’s press release regarding their half-a-millionth ID vehicle sold contained a lot of great news from the company. Orders for their electric vehicles remain high, currently sitting at 135,000, an increase of 65% from 2021, and despite supply constraints, the company remains optimistic it will be able to deliver vehicles quickly. Furthermore, VW’s EV lineup now covers three different vehicle categories; the VW ID.3 compact car, the VW ID.4 and ID.5 midsize SUVs, and the VW ID.6 full-size SUV.

Credit: Volkswagen

The company’s optimism was best exemplified by its plans to accelerate electrification. Volkswagen now plans to end ICE production in Europe by 2033 and plans to introduce ten new electric models worldwide by 2026.

Regarding market-specific plans, Volkswagen stated that it aims for 70% of sales to be fully electric in Europe by 2030, while it expects 50% of sales to be fully electric in the U.S. and China in the same timeframe.

However, it isn’t all good news for the German auto-giant. Supply constraints remain a consistent issue, so much so that Board Member of Sales, Imelda Labbé, commented that the conditions might affect production timelines; “We are doing our utmost to deliver the roughly 135,000 ID.s on order to our customers as quickly as possible. However, due to the persistently strained situation as regards the supply of parts we are repeatedly having to adjust production.”

Volkswagen’s other major challenge is an uphill battle for sales in North America, especially regarding electric vehicles. While Volkswagen is obviously nowhere close to battling with the likes of Tesla for control of the EV market, they still lag behind other legacy brands such as Ford and Hyundai/Kia regarding EV market share. If there is a silver lining, it’s that the path forward is clear; expand the EV lineup, and expand production capacity along with it.

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Volkswagen accelerates electrification plans after selling 500,000 EVs
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