What’s New in Tesla Firmware 5.12?


Tesla’s recent over-the-air version 5.12 update appears to have the same release notes as version 5.9, so what really went into it?

As Tesla Model S owners wait patiently for the much anticipated Firmware 6.0 – rumored to integrate with Apple’s latest TouchID feature as part of the upcoming iOS 8 announcement on Sept 10, ’14 – they’re left to discuss what they believe is packaged into 5.12 that differs from 5.9.

As for me, I’ve noticed two things between 5.9 and 5.12:

  • The sunroof “comfort” setting/stop is now at 75% versus the 80% it was in 5.9. Evidently Tesla decided it was more comfortable at 75% open. I wonder when they will figure it’s most comfortable at “closed”? Why don’t they just let me set the comfort setting?
  • You can now reset your onboard Slacker ID/login back to the factory supplied account in the event you lost your own account ID. There’s a reset option under the media preferences.

From reading reports about 5.11 and 5.12 there may be a few other differences:

  • The home link buttons may now be larger to make them easier to press.
  • There may now be an icon when the passenger airbag is disabled (a passenger that isn’t heavy enough is occupying the seat).
  • Have you noticed any others? Please comment below.

It’s always great to see improvements going to into the Model S through wireless OTA updates. No other car in the world gets incremental improvements like this. I only wish that Tesla was more forthcoming with the changes in each release.

I understand reporting these changes may be difficult considering there are many available versions and builds, but I’m sure the people at Tesla could come up with a creative way of communicating these changes without revealing secrets or causing widespread panic.

Keep us posted Tesla! The owners want it.

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