Xiaomi increases supply chain orders by 80% for SU7 sedan: report

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Xiaomi’s foray into the electric vehicle market is seeing a lot of momentum, but this same momentum is also giving the tech giant some challenges. As per recent reports, Xiaomi is now struggling to keep pace with the demand for its first model, the SU7 all-electric sedan. 

Citing supply chain sources, local media outlet Wallstreetcn claimed that Xiaomi’s EV unit is scrambling to secure parts for the SU7, and the company’s orders to some suppliers have reportedly increased by 80%. As noted in a CNEV Post report, in one category of parts, Xiaomi reportedly had to increase its orders from about 10,000 units per month to 18,000 units.

The surge in demand for the SU7 seems to have caught Xiaomi off guard. Launched in March with a starting price of around $29,830, the vehicle attracted significant interest thanks to its sleek design, features, and very competitive pricing. Limited-edition models sold out quickly, and by the end of April, total locked-in orders had surpassed 88,000 units.

Customers looking to purchase a Xiaomi SU7 are now facing some significant wait times for their vehicles. Orders placed today include a wait time of at least 30 weeks, and some top-tier variants of the SU7 are listed with an even more substantial 37-week wait. Xiaomi, for its part, is reportedly looking to ramp its SU7 production to over 10,000 units per month by June.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun acknowledged the issue in a social media post. In a post on Weibo last month, the Xiaomi CEO noted that customers could opt for other EVs like the Luxeed S7, Nio ET5, and the Xpeng P7 if they need an all-electric sedan quickly. Lei did not mention the reengineered Tesla Model 3 in his post, despite admitting during the SU7’s unveiling that Xiaomi’s all-electric sedan was benchmarked against the mainstream Tesla. 

“If you are really in a hurry to buy a car, domestic new energy vehicles are all good, such as Zhijie S7, NIO ET5, Xpeng P7 series, etc. You can also consider buying one!​​​“ Lei wrote in his Weibo post. 

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Xiaomi increases supply chain orders by 80% for SU7 sedan: report
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