[Podcast] Dial-In a Model S Road Trip with these Tips

This is part II of the podcast discussion with Grant Gerke of EV Parade (www.evparade.com) and Tesla Motor’s Model S owner Dave Zygmont on his road trip out West and his experiences using Tesla Motors’ supercharging network—part I is on EV Parade.com.

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In this episode, Zygmont discusses the upside of EV Trip Planner, extra charging equipment needed and whether hotels are a good option for charging…and don’t forget about RV parks. Take a listen.

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Grant Gerke

Author: Grant Gerke

Grant Gerke writes about all the things electric and advanced vehicles, and visits manufacturing plants employing next-generation automation systems for Automation World magazine. Find him at EV Parade (http://www.evparade.com), other media outposts and at electric vehicle conferences.

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  • anderlan

    This is my rule on payment rate for power on road trips: I will pay up to the equivalent of gas for a 30mpg vehicle. Most of the time (not on road trip) I pay 1.5cents per mile, so I can’t complain! I’ll pay more than 30mpg gas equivalent at certain spots on a road trip, because, like Dave says, I *have* to. But I’ll complain and I think that business case is doomed to fail.

    • http://www.electric-car-insider.com electric-car-insider.com

      “Only” 18 sessions per day is still very close to the high water mark for QC stations today. I believe we’ll hit those numbers routinely in a few years, but between now and then is a chasm for QC install. They have to support other economic activity (retail, food) until then for most property owners/managers to make the investment.