Sen. Elizabeth Warren & 6 Democratic leaders urge FTC to investigate Elon Musk & Twitter

7 Democratic senators urge FTC to investigate Elon Musk & Twitter

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Senator Elizabeth Warren and six other Democratic senators are pushing the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate Elon Musk and Twitter following the Twit Chief’s takeover of the platform.

The group of senators, which include Senators Elizabeth Warren, Edward Markey, Richard Blumenthal, Dianne Feinstein, Ben Ray Lujan, Cory Booker, and Robert Menendez, wrote a letter to the regulator and urged it to examine whether or not Twitter violated an agreement it made with the commission in 2011 to protect user information.

The letter addressed to FTC Chair Lina Khan, says it is in regard to “Twitter’s serious, willful disregard for the safety and security of its users, and encourage the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate any breach of Twitter’s consent decree or other violations of our consumer protection laws.”

The letter states that Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk, has taken “alarming steps,” to undermine the platform’s safety and integrity.

The letter also criticized the change in Twitter’s verification feature.

“When Mr. Musk announced plans to open Twitter’s verification services to all paying users, experts warned the change would exacerbate the platform’s already rampant problems with financial scams, foreign disinformation, and public safety threats. These misguided changes come at a time when Twitter is facing coordinated campaigns of racist, misogynistic, and antisemitic harassment, attempting to exploit the change in ownership to spread hate and vitriol,” the letter stated.

When Elon Musk initially took over the platform over Halloween weekend, several campaigns were launched that spread hate and the use of racial slurs. Twitter took action against the coordinated surge of hateful conduct, and the new leadership team helping Elon Musk shared details about the progress.

The letter from the seven senators stated that they were concerned that the actions taken by Elon Musk and Twitter’s new management “could already represent a violation of the FTC’s consent decree.”

“We urge the Commission to vigorously oversee its consent decree with Twitter and to bring enforcement actions against any breaches or business practices that are unfair or deceptive, including bringing civil penalties and imposing liability on individual Twitter executives where appropriate. As you recently noted in Senate testimony, “no CEO or company is above the law, and companies must follow our consent decrees,” the letter stated.

It’s no secret that key Democratic leaders are critical of Elon Musk. In 2021, they began focusing their attack campaigns on Elon Musk. One example is  Senator Warren’s Facebook ad campaign claiming that Elon Musk is “whining like a baby” and that he had been “freeloading off of working people,” to which he responded:

“This is such a deeply messed up lie to the American people. She is the one freeloading off taxpayers while I’m paying the largest amount of tax of any individual in history.”  In her ad campaigns against Elon Musk, Senator Warren asked her supporters to give her $10 to help pass a wealth tax.

In May, Elon Musk said that he had voted Democrat in the past but is voting Republican since the party had “become the party of division & hate.”

Teslarati reached out to the FTC, but the regulator declined to comment. However, a spokesperson for the regulator told PC Mag, “I can confirm we received the letter, but we do not have any comment.”

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7 Democratic senators urge FTC to investigate Elon Musk & Twitter
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