Black Tesla Model Y Performance with red brakes looking stealthy in new sighting

Tesla Model Y Performance spotted in Washington State (Source: Daily Night Society | YouTube)

Tesla Model Y sightings never fail to excite the electric vehicle community and this much-awaited crossover has been showing itself in different colors, along with minor body styling updates. The latest sighting is of a Model Y cruising along the I-5 in Washington State.

Sleek in appearance with its factory chrome delete window trim and door handles, the Model Y Performance in black looks more sinister than the white Tesla Model Y Performance recently spotted in San Luis Obispo with “Dual Motor” Performance badging.

With more and more production-ready versions of the Model Y seen in the wild, one can only assume that Tesla is ready to deliver the vehicle come Summer of 2020 or even sooner. As Simon Alvarez of Teslarati puts it, “…it gets better and better  the closer it is to production.”

“The Model Y may not incite the same excitement as the next-gen Roadster or have the same shock value as the Cybertruck, but perhaps, it doesn’t really need to.”

Aside from the black Model Y Performance spotted in Washington, there were also recent sightings in Northern California and Florida. Twitter user @ewalt25 reported seeing a black Model Y in San Francisco and shared the following snapshots:

The Tesla Model Y has a starting tag price of $48,000 for the Rear-Wheel Drive Long Range version. The Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range will cost $52,000 before incentives while the Performance variant will set consumers back by $61,000.

Tesla Model Y will come standard in Pearl White Multi-Coat, while Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, and Red Multi-Coat will be optional colors with an upgrade price between $1,000 to $2,000. No different than Tesla’s Model S and Model X lineup, performance variants will be offered with eye-catching red brake calipers.

Here’s the video footage of the solid black Modely Y Performance seen in Washington State:

Black Tesla Model Y Performance with red brakes looking stealthy in new sighting
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