Elon Musk to discuss Tesla, SpaceX future plans in company talks

(Credit: Tesla)

Elon Musk has announced that he will be holding company talks for his two biggest businesses, SpaceX and Tesla, next month. The talks will be publicly posted on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. 

Musk’s company talks for Tesla and SpaceX were mentioned by the CEO in a post on X. As per Musk, he would be holding SpaceX’s talk next week. Tesla’s session will follow after the electric vehicle maker’s 10-K filing with the US Security and Exchange Commission. 

While Musk did not mention a specific date for Tesla’s company talk, a hint may be found in the EV maker’s previous Form 10-K filing for fiscal year 2022, which was filed on January 30, 2023. If Tesla adopts a similar filing schedule this time around, the electric vehicle maker’s company talk may happen around the end of January. 

Musk provided a general outline of what would be discussed in his talks for SpaceX and Tesla. As per the CEO, he would be recapping the SpaceX and Tesla teams’ accomplishments for 2023, and he would also be describing the companies’ exciting plans for 2024. Other long-term plans will also be discussed. 

The company talks for both SpaceX and Tesla will be posted publicly on X. This should allow users of the social media platform to see exactly what the two Musk-led businesses have in store for the near future. Considering SpaceX and Tesla’s lead in their respective segments, their upcoming plans will likely be very compelling. 

The SpaceX and Tesla teams definitely deserve a ton of commendation this year, as both companies executed very well despite Elon Musk seemingly allotting a notable portion of his time on X. In social media, at least, it appears that Musk is in no small part focused on stabilizing X and turning it profitable. 

Amidst this environment, SpaceX still launched a whopping 96 rockets over the year. It also conducted another test flight of its Starship rocket. Starlink reached 2.3 million customers worldwide as well. Tesla, for its part, rolled out the Model 3 Highland upgrade smoothly in China. The Cybertruck also started its deliveries, and projects like the Optimus Tesla Bot made some serious progress with its Gen 2 iteration

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Elon Musk to discuss Tesla, SpaceX future plans in company talks
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