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EVgo launches ‘Autocharge+’: Just plug in and walk away

Credit: EVgo

The electric vehicle charging network EVgo has launched a new program called Autocharge+ that will allow customers to plug in and walk away.

As electric vehicles offer numerous upgrades in everyday life, many companies are using the change in platform to implement much-needed change. For EVgo, this is their new Autocharge+ program. With this system, customers with the EVgo app can plug in their vehicle and walk away without interacting with the machine at all.

An annoying inconvenience of filling up a gas car tank or even plugging in an electric vehicle is the needed interaction as you begin to fill/charge the vehicle. Do you want a car wash? How would you like to pay? Would you like a receipt? This endless barrage of questions is annoying and can leave you shivering in the cold or roasting in the sun for what feels like an eternity. Hence the creation of Autocharge+.

Simply plug in, the charger will use your vehicle’s unique identifier, and your car will charge while the EVgo app will ensure that you have paid. No more needless questions, no more fuss.

This upgrade does have some caveats. First, you must download the EVgo app and enroll in the program when you plug in your vehicle. Second, and very crucially, you must have a CCS charging connector on your car, which may be the new program’s most significant oversight.

While CCS is prevalent on the most number of vehicle models, it’s not even close to being the most common plug type you find on the road. According to the most recent metrics, roughly 60% of EVs in the US are equipped with Tesla connectors (Tesla models). And according to EVgo’s press release, it doesn’t look like a CCS adapter will work in its place.

While the convenience of simply plugging in and walking away is undoubtedly a fantastic upgrade, hopefully, the program can expand to include the most popular EVs in America.

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EVgo launches ‘Autocharge+’: Just plug in and walk away
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