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Fisker plans to offer “frequent” OTA updates to customers

Credit: Fisker

Fisker Inc. announced on Tuesday that it will roll out two over-the-air software updates for its Ocean all-electric crossover SUV. The updates will include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features. The updates are expected to be released in the coming weeks.

In a press release, Fisker noted that this was part of the company’s strategy of offering customers frequent over-the-air software updates. This should allow owners of the Fisker Ocean to enjoy a vehicle that gets better over time, similar to EVs from companies like Rivian and Tesla. 

The first OTA update will address areas of customer feedback, general bug fixes, and enhance the drivetrain and 12-volt battery performance of the Fisker Ocean. The second update will include a much-anticipated addition of analytics to the SolarSky roof, as well as trip stats and energy consumption monitoring.

The updates are expected to provide the Fisker Ocean with more functionality. The update to trip stats would allow owners to be fully informed about how much distance they covered. Data on their current trip, trip meter, and distance since their last charge will also be displayed. 

The capability to monitor energy consumption would likely be appreciated by Fisker Ocean owners as well. With the update in place, drivers would be able to track and compare their recent metrics to other Ocean drivers, as well as their own car’s estimated energy use. 

Fisker Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker shared a comment about the matter. 

“In the 21st century, our vehicles are more like rolling computers than the cars of the past. We need to ensure that our customers are seeing frequent improvements and updates to software. We have a lot of software engineers at the company who are constantly working on this, and our customers can look forward to an ongoing OTA strategy that means their Fisker vehicles will be improved on a routine basis,” Fisker said. 

The upcoming over-the-air software updates from Fisker would be received by Ocean owners, regardless of their vehicle’s trim. 

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Fisker plans to offer “frequent” OTA updates to customers
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