Ford F-150 Lightning is more powerful than expected at 580 hp

Preproduction model with optional equipment driven under test conditions. Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning production begins spring 2022. (Credit: Ford Motor Company)

It turns out Ford was underpromising when it initially quoted its expected specs for the F-150 Lightning. With customers now taking delivery of the all-electric pickup truck, it is starting to become evident that the Lightning is actually more powerful than initially expected. 

Ford F-150 Lightning units with the extended-range battery pack actually make 580 hp, 17 hp more than its initial figure of 563 hp. The standard range variant of the all-electric truck received an even bigger boost, with the vehicle now being rated at 452 hp, 26 hp more than its expected 426 hp rating. 

While torque remains at 775 lb-ft for both variants, the F-150 Lightning’s extra power results in more payload capacity. With the right options, the all-electric trucks could now haul a total of 2,235 lbs, an increase of 235 lbs. F-150 Lightning vehicle engineering manager Dapo Adewusi explained the vehicle’s improvements in the following statement. 

“We were seriously focused on raising the bar on this truck, including after we revealed it, so we can deliver more for our customers. And our drive for continuous improvement will get a big boost when we start getting feedback and ideas from customers when they receive their Lightnings,” Adewusi said, according to Road & Track.

Ford seems pretty determined to adopt an underpromise and overdeliver strategy with the F-150 Lightning. Apart from the all-electric pickup’s power, the company also initially announced that it was targeting a maximum EPA-rated range of 300 miles. Ford announced the Lightning’s final EPA figures in March 2021, which showed that the vehicle actually had a maximum range of 320 miles per charge

The electric pickup truck market seems to be the next big frontier for EVs. The Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T, and the Hummer EV have started customer deliveries, but entries such as the Chevy Silverado EV, Tesla Cybertruck, and RAM 1500 BEV promise to make the all-electric pickup market very compelling for consumers.

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Ford F-150 Lightning is more powerful than expected at 580 hp
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