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Ford F-150 Lightning: The most efficient truck in America?

Credit: Ford

Testing done by Edmunds has found that the Ford F-150 Lightning beat the Rivian R1T in range and efficiency to become the most efficient truck in America.

According to real-world range testing done by Edmunds, the Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum was able to not only beat the Rivian R1T Launch Edition in range but also beat its own EPA range estimate by over 10%. Furthermore, the F-150 achieved this with a smaller battery than the Rivian, which could make the Ford F-150 Lightning the most efficient truck in America. Because, lets face it, the GMC Hummer EV isn’t winning any awards for efficiency any time soon.

I probably shouldn’t be so quick to hand out such accolades, but sadly, there are only three all-electric pickup trucks in the US market. Because of the inherent efficiency of electric powertrains, ICE vehicles don’t even come close. That means the competition is currently between the Rivian R1T, the Ford F-150 Lightning, and the GMC Hummer EV.

In Edmunds’ testing, the Ford F-150 Lightning Platnium was able to go 332 miles, beating its EPA estimate by over 10% and beating the Rivian R1T Launch Edition by just 9 miles (the Rivian traveled 323 miles).

Technically, not every powertrain available has been tested by Edmunds’ testing regimen. The Ford F-150 Lightning has two options for batteries; 98kW and 131kW (as tested), and the Rivian R1T has three battery options; 105kW, 135kW (as tested), and 180kW. But this should at least be an incredibly positive sign for Ford and the pursuit of better efficiency.

If you told someone ten years ago that there would be a Ford F-150 that could achieve over 65 miles per gallon (equivalent), they would never believe you. Hopefully, this can be a positive sign of more efficient vehicles in the future and a sign of more sustainable transport for everyone.

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Ford F-150 Lightning: The most efficient truck in America?
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